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A New Beginning

 Is Within Reach

About                     New Beginnings  Enterprises, LLC

 We Take A Holistic Approach To Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical Healing, and Wellness  

Who Are We?


  A company that is focused on raising consciousness awareness surrounding negative behaviors that are created due to emotional trauma, spiritual depletion, mental cloudiness, caused by blocked or stagnated flows of positive enegery. Our primary intention is to give nurturing guidance and support as you receive life-changing revelations while engaging in the impactful and necessary healing work.

  In each connecting business under our parent company New Beginnings Enterprises umbrella, our emphasis is placed on self-care, spiritual awareness, and shadow work. We are committed to helping individuals define their natural and spiritual gifts, talents, and skills while in pursuit of identifying their life's purposes. 

  We create safe environments that foster the awakenings of revelations and insight experiences while individuals are on their journey towards a life of wholeness and prosperity. We are committed to creating "Safe Spaces" that establish higher consciousness,  freedom, liberation, and empowerment for the individual who is ready to experience an in-depth awakening inspired through self-exploration.


  Self-exploration leads to spiritual, mental,  emotional, and physical revelations that spark a positive charge that surges power in the direction of doing the high-priority work of healing.

 Our mission is to give volume to your voice and keep you in complete control of your narrative by sharing a healthy healing or whole perspective.

  To remain committed to the commitment of helping individuals define their spiritual gifts, natural talents, skills and to freely live out their identified purposes. To acknowledge your emotional brokenness and spiritual hurt, while nurturing healing and new revelations. We are solution-driven and will assist in developing individual strategies that utilize resources that foster a healthy healing process.

  • Holistic Health Education, and Modalities

  • Spiritual and Emotional Health Consulting

  • Empowerment Group Coaching  

  • Author Mentorship 

  • Book Publishing

  • Inspirational Speaking 

  • The Revelation Incubator (TRi) 12-week project

Our Mission 

How We Do It

Image by Pawel Czerwinski
Image by Pawel Czerwinski

What We Specialize In

Establishing Safe Spaces During Your Healing Journey 

Inspirational Speaking

Spiritual Consulting

Holistic Health and Wellness Consulting 

Book Publishing

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

The Journey Towards a New Beginning Begins on the Path of Self Love.    Begin Your Journey Today!

" As my Massage Therapy Instructor, Shandra was very patient as she educated me on the different modalities and techniques. She also assisted me with my business and financial assessments. She took the time to also guided and coached me through mock interviews, and writing a business plan." 

- Maia R.

"Ms. Thompson is very knowledgeable and has a professional but compassionate outlook when providing feedback. I feel comfortable confiding in her and appreciate her wealth of community resources."

- Shandrea S. 

"I recently purchased Best Sleep Ever (Blend for Insomnia), Mood Relief (Blend for Hot Flashes), Positive Vibe (Blend for Anxiety) and Mist It Clear(Blend for Anti- Microbial and Viral Elimination). I’ve been sleeping better, my hot flashes have calmed down, & my vibes are awesome!! I so needed this in my life!!"

- Sharnetta T.