Sharing Healing Experiences

 The I AM S.H.E. PROJECT is a series of women's anthologies. This project was inspired by my own personal journey. There were times during my personal journey that dealt with emotional, spiritual, mental and physical hurt, frustration, pain, brokenness, along with distorted views of myself, others, and God.  During those times I found myself spinning out of control on the inside while looking like I had it all together on the outside. A placebo effect at its best. 


 My purpose is to help others get to a place of operating from the  "safe space" of freedom, liberation,  homeostasis and fruitfulness within the areas of your emotions, spirit, mental and physical wellness. This requires an enormous amount of self- reflection, acknowledgment, acceptance, forgiveness, transparency, and the ability to transform your mind. 


  Your journey is original, there is no blueprint. You must create your own blueprint, someone else's will NEVER work for you. 


 My passion is bringing together stories of women who have struggled with and identified their areas of brokenness while acknowledging where they currently are in life. Nurturing their choice to "Do the Work" of healing to help present their authentic selves while moving forward to a revelation of whom they are after doing the high - priority and necessary work.


  The women in our anthologies as well as the women who just choose to align with our sisterhood for bonding benefit take the journey to revelation together. The power of these bonds will extend to the woman who is reading any one of our published anthologies. It is easy to identify with the struggle and trauma bond however it takes strength to begin or remain committed being transparent in your progressive healing journey.