My goal is not to convince you of anything however my goal is to raise awareness, educate the importance of alternative therapies to traditional medicine, and to provide optimal therapeutic, life sustainable, and life-enhancing foods sources alternative medicinal products. - Shan

The Chaga Mushroom is an adaptogen. Adaptogenic plants and mushrooms help to bring the body back into balance and have beneficial effects on the nervous system, immune system, the GI tract, the cardiovascular system, and the endocrine system.

By supporting the body and mind in these ways, adaptogens help us to cope with stress, stay healthy during the cold and flu season, fight cancer, and lift us out of the dark depths of depression and adrenal burnout.


They have immune-modulating properties that make them helpful in treating auto-immune diseases and have high levels of antioxidants that protect cells from damaging free-radicals.

Adaptogens gently tone and support the body systems over time and need to be taken for a minimum time of two months to develop the full effect of their healing powers.

Enjoying one to two cups of delicious Chaga Mushroom Tea daily ensures that your immune system is receiving support when it is needed most and to continually flush toxins from the body.