Meet Shan

Healing Enthusiast 

  Hello, I'm Shandra, affectionately known as Shan. I reside in Richmond, Virginia. I'm a mother of 3 beautiful starseeds and a Glam-mother of 3 beautiful starseeds. I'm an extremely passionate intuitive empath who loves educating in spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical holistic health. I'm a healing enthusiast passionate about alternative medicinal therapy’s powerful benefits that embrace therapeutic approaches done through healing energy. 


 Even though I have retired certain aspects of being a certified Holistic Practitioner, I'm incredibly aware of the importance of sharing positive health benefits and the value of having a healthy balance within your spirit, mind, and body.


  One of my divine assignments while here on this place we call earth is creating building platforms for individuals who desire  "Safe Spaces" to do their crucial healing work. I can personally identify with how critical it is to have safe spaces during sacred times of experiencing high-priority healing work. Not having it when I needed it opened my heart’s flood gates of compassion to never want to see others suffer from not having access when experiencing this kind of transformation. Without much resistance or hesitation, I have created several therapeutic outlets. 


 Just remember, undoubtedly, there will come a time when we all will need a moment and a safe space to process a positive or negative life experience. Here is a gentle reminder — it's more than okay to prioritize the necessary time to retreat to a safe space. Doing so has saved my life!


   I have been working within different aspects of my divine assignments since I was a teenager. I was in cosmetology for 12 years, next, in the world of massage therapy, body, and energy worker for 16 years. I became nationally certified as a  massage therapist, body and energy worker and received an Associate in Applied Science degree.


  After many years of contemplating whether I'm worthy of answering my call to spiritual energy work, I became licensed to minister to the gospel in 2016. I then graduated from the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology of Virginia Union University with a Master's of Divinity in 2019.  I enjoy the extended functionality of my platforms as an energy worker whose assignment is to raise consciousness with a very non-traditional approach using my natural and spiritual gifts.

 These functions and platforms help create "Safe Spaces" and become the owner of a Publishing Firm that uses writing as a form of healing energy therapy. New Beginning Publishing Firm was birthed for creatives, entrepreneurs, non-profit owners, and individuals who are ready to share what is on their minds and in their hearts speak in their authentic language and voice. It's what I refer to as "controlling your narrative.” 


  Since stepping fully into my assignment, I have become a sought-after keynote and inspirational speaker, author, and creator of self-reflection zones within literary safe spaces. These spaces are designed for individuals who are willing to invest in the necessary time to begin the high-priority work of healing. Authenticity and transparency are tools of empowerment that give others hope for a healthy and realistic approach to the future balanced in freedom and liberation.  


   In your journey toward a healthy living experience, your mind, body, and spiritual experiences are expressed for a reason. You MATTER, and so does the message of your story.