Men's Anthology

Giving Volume To An Authentic Male Voice 

 Why a men's anthology of a personal journey to healing?  To tell the authentic version of his narrative and not the voice of the representative. The representative speaks from a place of emotional and spiritual bondage.  


The old idea of the role of a man assumed through traditional perceptions of masculinity. They were fostering the ideology of male dominance and the overly saturated idea that it is the "natural order" that men must be tough, stoic, invulnerable, violent when necessary, and certainly not allowed to their truth and exhibit emotions.


 Participating in this reinforced behavior for so many years has perpetuated a plethora of stumbling blocks around ideas that prevent men from being authentic and genuine to themselves first and others. 


 It is no secret that most men have a forced difficulty communicating their emotions or their hidden desire to share what the soul would love to express without fear of judgment, resentment, or shame. A faulty environment has nurtured where men find security when they choose to hold in feelings of loneliness, spiritual and emotional hurt, pain, brokenness, and sorrow inside.

 Contrary to the outdated belief, this is slowly changing, and men are speaking out. Our goal with the men's anthologies is to create a bridge between their past and the future. It helps clarify the antagonists, objectify drama and heal trauma so we can celebrate the everyday joys and successes in their lives.

 We find it honorable to be apart of the next step for the man who is ready without feeling too exposed, where men can communicate in safe spaces the highs, lows, and all their emotions in between.


 The men in our anthologies bond together as a brotherhood and take the journey to revelation together.  The bonding through healing is an ideal reference point for the man who is reading the collection. He can identify with the struggle, however, gain strength and hope from the healing and transparency in preparation for his healing journey.