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What Are Our Participants Expressing?

"For those in search of the ways to unlock your Superpower, I highly recommend Shandra Thompson’s “The Revelation Incubator.” She presents the information in a way that you can mix and match for you what it looks like to have Revelations. Connect to your mysticism, notice your blocks and learn about the conscious vs the subconscious mind in a loving, spiritual and judgment-free arena. I was given the tools I needed to further my journey and feel more prepared than ever to blossom into a person I can remain proud of."  Rebecca Steinhoff

I am an amateur on this spiritual journey, but I must tell you that my ancestors and guides have helped me in ways I never knew possible. Sonya Payne 

The Revelation Incubator Project 

Purpose of the program

The Revelation Incubator is a three-month online program that focuses on spiritual and emotional healing through creative expression. This soul healing journey has two vital components. They are speaking positive energy to your body, aligning intentionally with the highest levels of frequency which is light, love, and peace, while raising awareness to the different states of consciousness. 

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who desires a soul healing journey

  • The writer has a story to tell but is unsure of where to start. 

What are some of the things you will learn and experience?

  • Knowing how to speak to your body establishes a deeper connection to self at a cellular level

  • Becoming more aware of your energetic patterns, you will learn how to retrain your mind, elevate your emotions and reprogram your cells

  • Awareness is the knowledge of something that exists somewhere, and consciousness is the state or the quality of awareness. Thus, awareness can be identified as a necessary condition of consciousness

  • Visualization — refers to meditation or intention-based practices that involve imagining a specific experience or cultivating feelings such as gratitude, forgiveness, and connection

  • Levels of Consciousness — generally speaking, consciousness is the awareness people have of themselves and their environment; however, it remains one of the great unanswered questions of our time. Various states of consciousness are associated with different brainwave patterns that can be altered and raised through meditation to awaken our awareness of thoughts and emotions, of both ourselves and others

  • Guided Imagery — engages the imagination to achieve almost any desired state. Words, music, silence, and/or sound effects may be used to create a multi-layered, sensory experience designed for a specific outcome. These include relaxation, sleep, focus, and productivity. Guided Visualization is most widely known for achieving successful results in mental and emotional wellness

  • Emotional Awareness —emotions are our way of sensing and responding to the world. At times we have difficulty with our responses to emotions we find challenging

  • Raising awareness opens up space in our mind where we see and feel objective. From this place, we learn to recognize and accept these emotions by healthily dealing with them

  • Spirituality — the concept of Spirituality is as old as the beginning of time. It refers to the existence of something beyond the physical and mental realms. Typically defined by a universal human experience such as a search for meaning in life

  • Deepening one’s sense of Spirituality defines our universal human experience with a connection to the Universe. We will learn practices used to traverse everyday experiences and explore the more expansive, spiritual world.


  •  $750.00


*Deposit of $50 is due to secure your  seat in the next cohort


Payment plans are available 

We Experience Ways To Remain Aligned With The Frequencies of Love Peace and Light 
 Deepening one’s sense of Spirituality defines our universal human experience with a connection to the Universe. We will learn different theories, concepts, modalities, and spiritual practices to traverse everyday experiences and explore the more expansive, spiritual world.

Your journey of soul healing can feel like a solitary experience at times. During your journey, there will be intervals where it is mandatory-you walk independently to learn, evolve, and unfold the best version of yourself.

During these times, you will be equipped with the tools, resources, and the blueprint you created in the Revelation Incubator to help you maneuver the maze of this process. These will be the times when you can reference where your depletion, stagnation, and disruption of enegery reside. You will have the confidence to empower yourself by speaking life to yourself to continue your journey of the soul healing process.

Join the next Revelation Incubator 12—week session on Thursday, February 3, 2022, at 7:00 pm (est) and Wednesday, February 9, 2022, at 7:00 pm  (est).

Registration is required.

Payment plans are available.

Sponsorships are welcome — be a blessing to someone you know who needs a collective healing community of support as they strive for their highest good.