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 In this Community of raised awareness and higher consciousness thinkers -  we are delighted to have what we refer to as "We have "Kitchen Table Conversations" - those necessary conversations that destroy stagnate energy and low vibrational thoughts and responses while being the catalyst to ending generational trauma, releasing stagnating healing energy, while pondering different thought perspectives.


 The underlined mission is to also nurture generational healing with the use of positive energy that radiates light, love, and peace. No longer can we continue to look away, judge, and ridicule the individual who longs for the elders' wisdom or desperately needs the support and higher consciousness from their community of peers. 


 As NBE  passionately continues to plant seeds in communities with the expectation of positive change and transformation alongside other beautiful like-minded and awaking spirits, please remember that each of our individual voices and experiences is a compelling movement! However, collectively that power is a force to be reckoned with!  

This is s no judgment zone, a safe space, and a place to gain strength to move forward as a collective group of men and women who seek to elevate higher consciousness. Together we can reshape our reality by controlling the narrative of being our Sister and Brother's Keeper!